NSUT XXXV 29 - 30 October 2022

NSUT is the biggest, oldest and most popular indoor ultimate tournament in Finland held yearly in Vaasa! 

Latest news

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! NSUT XXXV is over and out, and what a weekend it was! O.S.U took home their fourth victory in a row, congratulations. Santtu Lehto (Flight Club) was awarded with Pelimiehen palkinto and Mariia Martus (TaLeNTS) took home Hartti Suomela Trophy. Full list of results can be found here! See you next year!
  • Drumroll... The game schedule is out! Let the speculations begin.
  • Last triplet out from the oven! That is an oven baking team descriptions. Yawning their way to the tournament is Väiskin väsyneet. Bubble bath and brotherhood, read more about LeKi 2. And do I see some snorkels or are you just happy that NSUT is finally hear, it´s Skuba Divers!
  • More teams! Whisking the disc away from opponents and leaving just a fine scent of single malt, here is Whisquitos. Forcing us to keep our disclaimer policies intact: Joukkue. And as a last treat for today, it is WWW OSG!
  • We have no idea are they animals or humans or whatnot, but here they are: Jerboat! Based on the team description, this year O.S.U might not be our first-seeded team, hmm... And last but not the least, say hello to our very own WWW OILI.
  • Time to present our two teams from Birkaland area: TaLeNTS and Hervannan Hengästys! And to remain neutral on the geographical battles, we follow with our (morning game) stars from Turku, here´s Flight Club!
  • Time to get to know your opponents! Starting from the younger generation, we present SalKonala! Fancy some scones with clotted cream at 4 p.m.? DQtsut surely do. And ending it to the older generation - here is the one and the only - WWWarttikalkkikset!
  • The deadline for tournament fee´s have passed, but additional players can be paid until 23.10.
  • The tournament starts on Friday at 22:00 at Tørst and ends by 15:00 on Sunday at Kauppis! More detailed game schedules will arrive just before the tournament.
  • Registration has ended, and we have 15 teams in the open division! See the full list of teams here!
  • Original Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa offers discount for the tournament visitors, for more details see Tournament information.
  • Thank you Niska for supporting the tournament! With tournament pass, you will get discount on their delicious plåtbröd during the tournament weekend.
  • NSUT is back at Kauppis. How did we get here? Read the tournament history and find out.