NSUT XXXVII 26 - 27 October 2024

NSUT is the biggest, oldest and most popular indoor ultimate tournament in Finland held yearly in Vaasa! 

Latest news

  • The date for NSUT 2024 is now published! So book your weekend between 25.-27.10.2024 for some quality time in Vaasa.
  • And that was it! NSUT got brand new champions, Leki2 won gold in the open division and Highlights in the women´s division. Full list of results can be found here. Milo Brown from Leki2 was awarded with Pelimiehen palkinto and Anni Ala-Mikkula from SalKonala with Hartti Suomela Trophy. Huge thank you to each and everyone of our wonderful tournament visitors, and see you next year!
  • Welcome ERHe and Skuba Divers, welcome all! NSUT starts today!!! The hosts and hostesses can be found from Joukkue and WWW. See you soon at Tørst!
  • What treats we have for you today! Presenting the mammoths of Hervannan Uho ja Hengästys and somewhat motivated Leki2 from the open division, and Highlights and Ultimately Non-Ultimate Team from the women´s division. And yes - THE GAME SCHEDULE is out now!
  • You know what else is hot? The pizza and bun ovens as we prepare some home-made delicates for you that can be bought from the buffet during the tournament. And if you get hungry in the city center, Niska offers all tournament visitors Plåtbröd with discount price 12,70e all throught the weekend! And hot are our teams as well, today going up north and presenting Chickquitos, Whisquitos and Freestylers!
  • Hot from the press about partying: On Friday we will meet you at Tørst and on Saturday the tournament party is held at Leipis! And yes, there is THE pub quiz on Saturday evening. Read more here! To make it even more fun, we have of course new teams to present. Four-time NSUT champion O.S.U. returns to the fields with high hopes. And if Stevie Wonder would have heard about this rhyme before writing his lyrics, who know what would have happened: SalKonala.
  • The tournament is just around the corner, so it´s time to introduce the teams! First to go is our west-coast neighbours. So a warm welcome to the always so humble Flight Club, and don´t worry first-timers of TurPo Chix, we will show you all the best parts of NSUT!
  • We will be offering a delicious buffet dinner on Saturday at Svenska Klubben/Bacchus! Please, inform any special diets to us at the latest on Friday 20.10.2023. Read more about food here.
  • We had for a while our old bank ccount number but no worries, right bank account number updated now!
  • Registration is closed and the list participating teams is now published! We have 10 teams in the open division, and 5 in the women´s division. See the full list of teams here and stay tuned for the team descriptions. If you still want to join as a pick-up player, send us email to thensut@gmail.com and we´ll see what we can do!
  • Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna offers discounted prices for tournament visitors, for details click here!
  • Registration is open now open and will stay that way until 15.9.2023! Check Registration and Fees for more details! 
  • Oh yes, NSUT XXXVI is here soon! Stay tuned, registration starts soon...