Wanna hear a story?

If WWW would be a person, she would turn 37 this year. Let´s call her June. June is a nice person. Easy on the eyes, but she doesn´t make a fuss about it. Her some sort of motto is "If you play good, you look good". Or was it the other way around? Well anyways, as mentioned June is a nice person. She had her wild years but she´s calmed down a bit. Still likes to party, but those days when she turned all her clothes inside out as a funny party trick are behind. Maybe she comes up with new ones, you never know. She has some weird habits, but enough of those. You can ask, if you want to know. June is a single lady, her life companions are her cat and a Jukka palm tree that she got from her mother years ago. She sometimes wonders if she´ll ever find true love. But for now, the love of her life is made of plastic, white and round. A frisbee. But wait a second, that´s true love!

Okey, maybe we won´t quit our day job to become novelists and stick to tournament arranging. Wanna hear a joke instead?

Q: How large roster does a busy hostess team need to get at least 5 players to each game?

A: See below.


Laura Havinen
Johanna Harju
Aino Harju
Hanna Mikkonen
Hanne Forsström
Hanna Lähdesluoma
Heidi Leppänen
Kaisa Ala-Nikkola
Turre Teräväinen
Kerttu Yuan
Heidi Ahonpää
Kirsi Airistola
Jenni Pihlajamäki
Emma Maunu