Rock the NSUT, Straight from the Heart! 

We are Freestylers, a team dedicated to the art of freestyling. Like the famous song says, we aim to "rock the microphone" or in our case, the frisbee, straight from the top of our hearts and minds. 

Our main goal is to play with heart and have a blast while doing it. We're not just about winning, but about infusing every throw, every catch, and every play with the spirit of freestyling. Our style is ambitious, nutritious, and sometimes downright delirious. We believe in delivering top-notch plays, from audacious acappellas to breathtaking best sellers. 

Just like the song reminds us, we're friendly for ozone, which means we're all about creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere on the field. We synchronize our moves, analyze the game, and bring upcomin' vibes to every session. We're not just a team, we're a lesson in passion and dedication. Together, we'll carry on with the freestyler spirit, straight from the heart. 


Elina Catchfire
Rocket Rajala
Tapsalicious M.
Whipshot Winqvist
Wille Coyote
Sara Youngstar