This team is on fire! Oh wait, but they are not. Or so they claim. Which is good, because that would be rather unfortunate and even brutal. 

But they are nailing it! Or maybe they aren´t, because - well - it´s not hammer time, it´s NSUT.

Okey, but they do rock! Or actually not, because I don´t think any of them knows how to play. Any instruments, I mean, sure they know how to play ultimate.

Oh well, but one thing is for sure, they are WWW - Oh so good...

Btw, all this above could have been avoided had you written your own team description.


Kirsi Airistola
Johanna Harju
Johan Hurtig
Jooa Hurtig
Alan Kongari
Hannah Kongari
Hanna Mikkonen
Olga Milodrova